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This video goes over how to use prepared content with unscripted speech. For example, if a speaker starts reading prepared announcements, switches to speaking ad hoc and then switches back to reading from a prepared excerpt, you will practice switching between the prepared and unprepared content.

Prepared content is one of your best friends as an operator–it helps you develop mental context for the event so you aren’t entering into it confused, and many times what is said is a close match to the prepared content. In these cases, you can just release the prepared content.

Want to see an example? Watch the video below.

PRACTICE with the trace “A talk excerpt.” Load up the document “Revelation 7 excerpt” in and practice switching between prepared content and unscripted speech. This example is challenging because the speaker talks fast. Don’t worry! Feel free to repeat the practice a few times and then move on to the next lesson.

*Forgot how to play back a captioner trace? Review the video in a previous lesson, starting at the 1:57 minute mark.