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Remember the operator’s goal: to release captioning accurate to the speaker’s meaning, as quickly as possible.

Tips for quickly releasing captions that will generate good translation:

  1. Keep to short, complete sentences – speakers can generate long complex sentences. Wherever possible, break up the utterance into short complete sentences.
  2. Use correct punctuation and capitalization
  3. Summarize when helpful for clarity
  4. When in doubt, leave it out – People can talk very fast! If you missed what was said, just keep going. As you build up your experience and practice, you will become more efficient.
  5. Reset the captioner between speakers
  6. Turn off the captioner when there is singing
  7. Change the locale to match the speaker’s accent
  8. Use a mouse – using a mouse is a more ergonomic setup that will allow you to quickly move the cursor around as needed.



Keeping the goal and these tips in mind, practice with this trace, as though you are captioning a live event. (note: you won’t need to reset the captioner between speakers with traces)

Practice #1: Multiple speakers 

Practice #2: Sermon Sample 01

Practice #3: Sermon Sample 02

Practice #4: Panel Discussion 1

Once you feel you have mastered it, complete the lesson by taking the quiz.

*Forgot how to play back a captioner trace? Review the video in a previous lesson, starting at the 1:57 minute mark.