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In the next lesson you will take the certification test. If you pass, you will be certified on

To prepare for the certification test, go over the practice traces one last time. Then proceed with the test!


Some common mistakes to avoid:

Don’t wait to have multiple sentences ready and release them all at the same time as one utterance – It’s better to release individual sentences when they are ready, to keep your lag time as low as possible.

Don’t break up sentences in the middle of a thought – It’s best to ensure sentences are complete as this helps bring clarity of meaning.

Don’t combine sentences from two different speakers in one utterance – When a new speaker begins speaking, their caption should begin on a separate line. This helps the audience understand when there is a change.


Practice Traces:

Trace 0 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Trace 1 – Live editing captions

Trace 2 – A talk excerpt

Trace 3 – Handling poor audio quality

Trace 4 – Multiple speakers

Trace 5 – Sermon Sample 01

Trace 6 – Sermon Sample 02

Trace 7 – Panel Discussion 1

Extra Practice:

Trace 8 – Panel Discussion 2

Trace 9 – Panel Discussion 3