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Remote operators play a critical role for welcoming those audience members who are hard-of-hearing and those who require translation to understand what’s going on. Your job is important!

That’s why we want to clearly outline expectations for our remote operators.

Remote operators will:

  1. Uphold the accuracy of the speaker’s intent (even if you disagree). Your job is to provide the information as accurately as possible so that the receiver can understand what is said and form their own opinions.
  2. Clarify to ensure audience member recipients will understand, through summarizing when needed.
  3. When in doubt, leave it out – if the operator is not confident, do not insert their uncertainty.

We expect all remote operators to adhere to a code of ethics. That means, as an operator, you agree to do your best to communicate clearly and accurately what is happening in the live setting.

Failure to uphold this code of ethics and/or intentionally misrepresenting the speaker’s intent could result in being suspended or banned from the platform without warning at our discretion. We reserve the right to ban anyone whose behavior we deem to go against the code.


By continuing, you agree to abide by the remote operator agreement and uphold these code of ethics.